About us

We are ocono, an app recommendation company based in Berlin.

Founded in 2014, our international team of technology enthusiasts, editors, data scientists and developers are dedicated to combining high quality tech-related content with robust ad-technology that brings the right content and apps to the right people.

Our exclusive portfolio of sites attract 10 million active monthly users across Europe and North America, with our content available in 10 languages.

Our proprietary Ad Technology combines machine learning, targeting algorithms and tracking technology that allow us to match the right content, with the right ads for the right users across our international site portfolio.  

What we do

Our Technology-focused site and app portfolio services over 10 million active users per month across Europe and North America. Our high quality portal content is focused on Software, iPhone and Android apps and is available in 10 languages. 

We offer our advertisers premium inventory that matches curated content, Advertiser app products and targeted users. Our inventory is delivered across online and mobile display, and via other iab standard formats.

Advertising with us means promoting your app and acquiring high value users with our user base all over the world.

Our App Portals provide inventory opportunities that allow users to focus on your advertising content. We have the ability to promote your message through display, mobile and other iab standard formats. ocono offers custom integration to deliver the most unique and effective marketing opportunities for the advertiser and ad networks. We leverage our propriatary technlogy, marketing experienced and unique content capabilities to promote your mobile app product to the right audience.

If you are interested in advertising with us or want to find out more please get in touch.



Our key proprietary technology, ocono insight has been specifically designed to reach identify the optimum combination of content, Advertiser product and target user to deliver outstanding ROI on marketing spend.

Through applied machine-learning and strict data management, the ocono Insight platform’s targeting algorithms are optimised to increase marketing performance for our Advertising clients across our site portfolio.

Our technical platform with it’s strict data measurement makes our platforms a well-known source for App-Advertiser as we deliver successful campaigns with custom concepts and sustainable results. That is why we are working with the world’s largest tech, web and mobile companies and help them to achieve their quality distribution goals.

Our technology platform, combined with our experienced team, high quality content portfolio and premium user base delivers consistent and sustainable value for our advertisers, in terms of both install volume and user quality.

ocono insight – data-driven targeting

  • We drive qualified installs from valuable users for advertiser
  • We are able to evaluate user preferences and interests to ensure the ideal targeting for advertisers
  • We aggregate audience profiles and behaviors over our own website portfolio to distribute our Advertiser’s products

Who we are

We are an international group of dedicated, motivated people with a passion for technology, data and innovation. Our team combines twenty years of software recommendations experience together with a dynamic management team.

The faces of ocono

Product Management & IT

Christian Borgmeyer

Anton Marcuse

Bogdan Nistor

Johannes Zippel

PHP Developer

Daniel Schulz

PHP Developer

Online Marketing

Olga Daudrich

Shira Oren

Olya Korsheva

Alexandra Weinrich

Celia Tudorescu

Jadviga Vakhterova

Melanie Leuschner

Content Creation & SEO

Anna Kerkel

Maria Stiller


Anne-Kathrin Stapel

Rainer Wagenhäuser

Contributor Network